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President: Professor Silvia Gonzalez
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156th Session
Website Updated: 10/12/2014 @ 19:57
Welcome to the LGS website.

The LGS President Professor Silvia Gonzalez welcomes you, one and all to the 156th Session of
the LGS.
2 New Members have been Elected to the Society on
Tue 2nd December 2014:-
They are: Mr David Jordan and Mr Richard Carter.
Can Mr Jordan click on Join Website & fill in everything?

Please see opposite for 2015 meetings:-
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The World Museum Photos (56)
LGS 2015 Meetings

  Jan 20 - Prof Mark Williams on
               Aspects of Climate Change.

  Feb 3 - Rob Duller - Icelandic Floods.

  Feb 10 - Practical Session with
                Jason Hall & Maggie
                Williams - Flint Knapping
                and Cave Paintings.

  Feb 17 - Modelling the Intrusion of
                Igneous Rocks by Janine

  Feb 21 - Herdman Symposium.

  Feb 24 - Society Dinner.

  Mar 3 - Afternoon Session with The
              1815 William Smith Map with
              Prof Hugh Torrens at
              The World Museum.

  Mar 3 - Distinguished Visitor's Address
              by Prof Hugh Torrens on 
              'William Smith in Yorkshire'.

  Mar 17 - Richard Chiverall on the
                British Irish Ice Sheet.

  Apr 18 - Meeting at Thurstaston.

  Apr 21 - Icelandic 2014 Eruption by
               Chris Hunt (L'pool Univ) and
               Hazel Clark on the LGS
               Icelandic Tour 2016.


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