7th June - Field Meeting to
                  Ecton Copper Mine with
                  Peter Kennett.

  28th June - The Great Orme, Field Meeting
                      with Marion Grundy Ridewood.

  Field Meetings: Members attend Field
  Meetings entirely at their own risk and
  require a hard hat and waterproof
  clothing with sturdy walking boots.

The Liverpool Geological Society - Founded 1859
President: Professor Silvia Gonzalez
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155th Session
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Welcome to the LGS website.

LGS Council Members can access their documents
at our Groupspaces website for members.
    LGS Members PHOTOS - Can you UPLOAD your photos from your LGS Field Trips especially The Tenerife & The ICELAND Tour by clicking HERE.

An URGENT message to LGS Members! 
Many thanks to The World Museum who have sent the following photos. Click on the photo to view the Slideshow.
The World Museum at Liverpool - View the photos (56)
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  Weekend Field Meeting to:
The North Yorkshire Coast and Moors
Joe Crossley & Hazel Clark
2 LGS Summer Field Meetings COMING UP

  Friday 16th May to Sunday, 18th May
  North Sea Oil Reservoir Rocks with Joe
  Crossley& Hazel Clark.
       The LGS has booked a number of rooms
  at Royal Hotel, Whitby.  It costs 99 for the
  weekend from Friday Dinner to Sunday
  Breakfast inclusive. As this is a very good
  & popular hotel Bookings ASAP to Joe
  Crossley with 25 per person deposit
  made payable to Joe Crossley.

The Liverpool Geological Society is a UK Registered Charity
Anyone can join the LGS who has a great interest in Geology. Individuals, Families & Friends from all academic backgrounds.
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LGS Members interested in Giving Lectures?
Dear potential speaker,

Thank you for your interest. Please find below some information about SciBar. If you need anything else please let me know.
Many thanks

SciBar is organised by the Merseyside branch of the British Science Association and held on the first Tuesday of the month at the Ship and Mitre on Dale Street.
We are always looking for new speakers so please get in touch either by emailing me (
shawest@stmarys.lpool.sch.uk) or via twitter (@merseysci). This is your chance to promote your work or research and get some practice public speaking.
The format is very flexible. The idea is to have a presentation of your work (two 30-45 minute sections separated by a break to refresh glasses), followed by questions from and discussion with the audience. The evening runs from 7:30pm. There will be a Chairperson for the evening who may suggest periodically that we break for people to refresh their glasses etc.
SciBar is aimed at members of the public with an interest in science, rather than professionals or students, and is fun and informal. The full range of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is covered by the events. The audience is up to 30 people across the full age range. Most do not have a scientific background but all have a keen interest in STEM subjects.
We have a projector and screen available if you want to use a presentation to support your talk, although we ask that speakers keep technical information on slides to a minimum.
We can pay reasonable travel expenses and also for a meal in the pub.